Engage your data
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Enabling Data Driven Decision Making

Infoveave can automate the collection, transformation and analysis of your business data and give you access to critical insights over visual channels such as Dashboards & Reports and conversational channels such as Chatbots & Voicebots


Load the Data

Automate the collection of data from multiple sources for analysis. Keeping data available and fit for analysis, is the foundation of data driven decision making.


Build the Story

Run series of varying analyses on your data to build compelling stories that highlight the successes and challenges within your organization.


Make the Decision

Identify tactical and strategic decision making events and publish them through various supported channels to draw out the right responses from your stakeholders.

Embedded Analytics

Embed your stories and visualizations on your website or business application. Display your data on a smart TV on your office wall and on the shop floor. Infoveave uses industry standard oEmbed specification that allows you to embed your infoboards and widgets into content portals that refresh automatically when data changes.

Voice Dashboards

Link the NGauge Alexa skill to your Infoveave account, to enable and interact with your voice dashboards via Alexa. Infoveave uses natural language processing to respond to your queries and actions and voice enables them through Alexa.

Conversational Analytics

The NGauge chatbot helps improve productivity by bringing your data to you on channels like Skype, Slack and WebChat. Create information kiosks where users get quick responses to their queries, send out reports and execute custom commands.



Defining measurable objectives for your sales strategy and structure is critical to its success. Identify and highlight lost opportunities, quality of revenue and customer churn. Predict possible revenue using inbuilt regression and forecasting models.

Driving better revenue

Customer Delight

Create enhanced customer experience by providing access to your customer on critical information on demand. Share analysis and results with customers over embeddable dashboards, chatbots and voicebots.

What can I help you with?

Spend Optimization

Setup your cost and spend parameters in Infoveave's What If analysis to assess impact of changing parameters on your business. Keep track of targets and trends through regular alerts and realtime dashboards.

Act before impact

Process Efficiency

Automate tasks , such as data cleansing, data refresh, reports and analysis. Reduce hand offs and stale information. Keeping processes lean and automated is key ensuring your data is fit of analysis and decision making.

Keep your data running fit

Infoveave is our ‘go-to’ business intelligence platform. The team behind Infoveave has deep expertise in all aspects of data and has been an invaluable partner in delivering projects to our customers."

Stacey Berlow, Managing Partner, Project Balance

Infoveave is providing us critical business and operational insights on our Wi-fi operations. It has helped optimize our network and improve customer experience on an ongoing basis."

Surendra Shenoy, CTO, Quadgen Wireless