4 Industries where Infoveave can be used -Part 2

4 Industries where Infoveave can be used -Part 2

September 24, 2021

In the first part of this two-piece blog post, we looked at four industries that are going through major changes using Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. In the second part, we will focus on four more industries that are undergoing digital transformation and how Infoveave is being used to aid and catalyze the disruption.  


Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the education industry. While this disruption has led to several edu-tech companies entering the market, the virtual setting has also led to several megabytes of data being produced daily. This data includes student information, parent/guardian information, school or institute information, and teacher information. 

The data also includes the courses administered to students with several data points collected on how to improve the effectiveness of courses taught. Higher course effectiveness can be achieved by gathering several data points from student performance and parental feedback coupled with teaching capacity. Therefore, educational institutions can use Infoboards generated by Infoveave to improve the quality of education and attract more students to courses. 

Human Resources 

HR and administrative management are the cornerstones for success in any organization. A good administration can go about setting effective and efficient processes that can go a long way in improving the overall operational aspect of an organization. From employee management to payroll and other financial aspects, Human Resources play a vital role. 

In enterprises (large corporations), Human Resource managers and executives deal with megabytes of information and tens of thousands of data points. A digital dossier is created for everyone involved with the enterprise starting from the employees to the support staff, consultants, vendors, and so forth. Managing such volumes of data can prove to be challenging for HR teams spread across the corporation.  

The roles played by dashboards and infoboards are of tantamount importance. An Infoveave infoboard for instance can provide a snapshot of the entire organizational capability in terms of people, talent, and payroll management. Follow the link below to explore more on how Infoveave can be used to manage Human Resources and Administration in your business.  


In the previous post, we saw how Infoveave can be used in managing a shop floor and manufacturing plants. A good OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is critical for productivity for any manufacturing plant. However, looking specifically at the automobile sector in India, several aspects require the intervention of a business intelligence tool. 

Automobile manufacturers generally rely on strong distribution networks to maximize profits. Dealer management for most automotive brands has become the cornerstone to success. Infoveave built an ERP solution for one of the biggest car brands in the world to help manage its dealer/reseller networks. Follow the link below to know how Infoveave can help you with your automotive business. 

Automation (RPA) 

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the buzzword doing the rounds in the Data Analytics space today. Several young college graduates are moving towards RPA-related activities for better job opportunities as well. An RPA is essentially a software bot that can scan through documents and crunch numbers at the click of a button. 

The use of RPA has become a lot more profound in recent years with several organizations opting to automate mundane and rule-based tasks that were otherwise performed by humans.  

Interested in automating tasks within your organization? Find out more by following this link.  

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