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Data-driven insights for better decision-making

Infoveave® helps business users make informed decisions through the use of actionable insights and advanced data analytics. By loading data from various sources, including cloud-based and file-based databases, businesses can easily identify trends, patterns and gain valuable insights. These actionable insights and data analytics helps you with improved decision-making.

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Inbuilt Charts & Graphs

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Custom Infoboards

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Custom Tailored Reports

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Targets & Thresholds

Discover your benefits with Infoveave®

Infoveave® is the leading provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions. Our innovative platform empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth. Infoveave® offers everything you want to embed analytics into your application, from stunning and dynamic dashboards to simple reports.

Easy to use

Create beautiful analytics with simple drag & drop feature.

Call to Actions

Trigger and view jobs right from your dashboard.


Deploy and integrate automated business monitoring.


Create flexible dashboards with advanced widgets.

Live Reports

Link live reports on the recent updates to your dashboards.


Create user-focused storyboards for data insights.

Enabling data-driven decision making

Transforming your business data into visual critical insights via dashboards and reports


Boost your revenue with Infoveave® dynamic pricing solution

Transform & revolutionize with Infoveave®

Our comprehensive data analytics and business intelligence platform empowers organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions and drive growth. Let us help you transform your business and achieve your goals.

Give stakeholders a new perspective to learn how your business is performing by choosing from over 50+ Visualizations. Each visualization is highly Customizable to suit the information the data is trying highlight. Called as widgets, these can be combined to tell powerful stories on an Infoboard.

Use Infoboards to bring all your data visualizations together to tell your story. You can share your live and interactive Infoboards with your community with the click of a button. Infoboards automatically refresh when new data is received, facilitating better engagement with the target audience.

Infoveave makes reporting easy due to its integration with MS Office. Use your data and visualizations created on Infoveave and embed them in PowerPoint, Word or Excel based templates. Upload and schedule the templates for periodic and automated delivery to your stakeholders.


Setup business alerts based on KPI thresholds. When these are breached or met Infoveave sends out notifications to the stake holders. Infoveave also sends out notifications when a user is `mentioned` while annotating a visualization. Use this powerful feature to effectively collaborate within your organization.


Transform your workflow with Infoveave®

Interactive Annotations

Improve your reach among your team by more than 50% . We help you put an extra information in your charts for your team to look.

Custom dashboards

Present your dashboards in the best way possible & provide an easy way of visualizing actionable and impactful insights on your data.

advanced Date Filtering

We assure you better date filtering mechanism to see & track your performance, identify the week spot and inject faster solutions.

Better Time Handling

Streamline your workflow by easily downloading charts and reports, reviewing the SQL queries and duplicating your widgets – all in a snap.


Achieve greater success with Infoveave®

Don’t wait any longer to transform your business – choose Infoveave® and start reaching your goals today. Our powerful platform is the key to unlocking your business’s full potential and achieving greater success.


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