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Discount offers and concessions in utilities

Discount offers and concessions are a compelling way to achieve customer satisfaction. Utilities like any other industry provide varied discount offers. Pay on-time discounts are the most common discount offers. In this offer, customers get a discount on paying bills on time. Thus, encouraging people to pay on time.

Utilities also have low-income discount programs or medical needs discount programs as well. Satisfied customers are a good thing. But as a business entity planning the best-suited discount offers is crucial. At times you need to plan offers, discounts, and deals to increase revenue along with customer loyalty.

Business concerns on applying Discount offers

The client offers discounts for prompt payment by customers. Yet, due to unforeseen circumstances, at times, discounts were not applied. Even though customers were making payments by the “pay-by-date”. At times, payments were not received on time due. This could be due to bank holidays, transactional issues. All causing the prompt payment discount to be inapplicable.

This resulted in the Call center receiving a lot of queries daily. As a result, the back-office had to perform manual processing of customer accounts. This includes verifying customer info against bank transactions and apply discounts.

The manual process flow included a call center agent who would log in to an application. Accompanied by a search for the customer, mark if not received discount and export as a list. The back-office team would again log in to the application for the customer against the list created. Followed by applying the discount for the next invoice.

The above process was tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming.

Discount offers analysis using Infoveave

The solution was to automate the discount verification process. This is followed by applying the same to the next invoices.

This involved various modules and features of Infoveave working together. Thus, helping to meet customer expectations.

Using the Jobs & Tasks module in Infoveave an RPA was set up. A chain of tasks configured to simulate the operational users. And perform the same tasks on the business applications. The bot would log in to the application, perform the required validations. Infoveave’s screen automation task module manages this task.

The RPA task ingested and parsed PDF files of bank transactions data and unstructured files of invoice data. Custom File Parser module. manages the data extraction. The data points collected are customer account, paid amount, pay date, invoice amount. Along with current offers and discounts applicable data. The jobs and tasks module set rules and algorithms for the system to match the pay-by-date and paid date. This determines the discounts applicable on the next bills. The automated task posted the discount on the 3rd party billing system.

The following task was to send out customized Reports to the stakeholders. Reports module managed this task. The call center team got alerts on the Dashboard with visual insights. The insights gained were on customer’s payment history and discounts applied and so on.

Increase in efficiency from Discount offers analysis

  • Increased efficiency – by removing away manual intervention. Process efficiency improved, which was otherwise prone to errors or missing out on invoices.
  • Better employee satisfaction – Call center and back-office operations team were more productive. Automating mundane and routine tasks eliminated manual intervention.
  • Reduced costs – automation reduced inbound calls and queries. The decrease in customers’ incoming call volumes led to a reduction in call handling fees.
  • Improved customer service – Call center agents to have access to the dashboard. This helped in quicker response to customer queries on billing & discounts issues. Thus, improving customer servicing.
  • Enhanced integration – The RPA worked with Infoveave and the 3rd party billing system. This made the process seamless yet non-intrusive.






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The need for discount Offer analysis

  • Manage and process large volumes of customer data spread across tables
  • Support different formulas based on customer profile and usage
  • Ability to simulate varied offers and concession calculation metrics
  • Ability to track the revenue collections and discount offers applied
  • Extensible to allow integration with other organizational portals and services

Infoveave features used

  • Multiple Disparate Datasources
  • Advance Visualizations
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Task Automation
  • Custom Reports

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