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What are Data Silos and how to effectively counter them
March 19, 2021

Most organizations and enterprises struggle with their data chain ...

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OEE in Manufacturing
How a leading manufacturing plant improved their OEE
February 25, 2021

OEE Dashboard is a production visibility tool that displays real-time data. This provides review and status summary information for pl ...

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Automotive Dealer Performance Analytics
February 21, 2021

The automobile manufacturer aims to achieve a good review across its dealers to maintain consistent and high-quality customer experien ...

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February 11, 2021

In manufacturing, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a key KPI derived from 3 underlying metrics, Availability, Performance ...

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Competitive Pricing Intelligence
January 19, 2021

Product pricing is a critical function for the automotive industry. With fierce competition and customers' options, pricing intelligen ...

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Market Research visualization dashboard
December 28, 2020

+ Local govt Agencies 1 + Rules and Alerts 300000 M+ Data Points Interactive Dashboard for Market Research A market research intera ...

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Program effectiveness and survival analysis
December 07, 2020

K+ Patient data analysed 1 EMRs Integrated 1 M+ Health records mined Program effectiveness analysi ...

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Monitoring risks and compliance
December 07, 2020

+ Distribution centres 1 + Indicents managed $ 1 K Savings in first 3 months Risk analysis and compliance management For food distr ...

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Community Health Monitoring Analysis
December 07, 2020

Health monitoring and supervision, have always been a challenge for most workers on-ground. The lack of facilities, infrastructure, t ...

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Telecom Network Performance analysis
December 03, 2020

Monitoring an operational network is a major KPI for telecom. Network Performance analysis and real time monitoring aids the operation ...

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Rich language parser for R in Infoveave
May 20, 2019

While building the Analytics Workbench within Infoveave, our objective was to make it easy for statisticians and data scientists to ...

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