Wastage and inefficiency of any kind results in losses and impacts on business revenue. Manufacturers need to identify the pitfalls in their production to ensure quality output. If left unresolved, the six OEE losses increase liability risk and missed deadlines. Overcoming the OEE pain points presents many benefits for businesses. We have listed some of […]

An equipment challenge of any degree results in manufacturing downtime. Even a minor blockage in the equipment ends up hampering the manufacturing efficiency. And there is no guarantee that similar problems won’t occur again. So, how do businesses overcome these manufacturing hurdles? For years, manufacturers strived to improve their OEE efficiency with manual approaches. And […]

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. As the name suggests, the goal of OEE is to ensure the maximum efficiency of a manufacturing equipment while minimizing waste. Minimizing waste in terms of raw materials, time invested and resources. However, manufacturing plants are often plagued by instances of downtime, machine failure, or producing goods at a […]

OEE has become an important driver for businesses in achieving manufacturing intelligence. Industry 4.0 technologies enable businesses to gain insights into their production processes. Every manufacturer’s roadmap to maximizing OEE efficiency is going to vary based on their business requirements. Improving the OEE may involve making a few changes to the existing framework. On the […]

OEE by itself does not automatically solve any manufacturing problems. Rather, it is a gateway to identify inefficiencies and the causes behind them. Yet, calculating OEE has become a tedious task for manufacturers. There is too much company data floating around for every enterprise. Verifying every piece of information manually is slow, tiring and prone […]

The concept of OEE originated in an era of manufacturing that didn’t deal with smart technologies. Today, capabilities like AI, ML, and IIoT allow companies to track machine health and performance in real time. This allows manufacturers to improve equipment reliability and unlock continuous improvement. Manufacturers are always on the lookout to improve productivity and […]