Dealer Analytics

One of the key challenges of the industries are to drive dealers performance towards the achievement of defined business targets and focus on the customer satisfaction. Today most customers does all their research online, compare prices, review comments much before coming into the showroom. Customer service and retention, customer engagement and satisfaction becomes all the more critical.

Dealerships not only need to track sales performance but also need to monitor for process improvements. By tracking productivity of its employees can improve training needs. By surveys and feedback the dealership capture voice of the customer. Proper analysis of the VOC provides insights into customer concerns and then address accordingly to make improvements.

Infoveave can seamlessly integrates with multiple systems at the manufacturers' and dealers' end to analyse CRM, Sales, warranties, accessory purchase, customer surveys and service records. It also supports tracking performance across various various processes at the dealer’s end like tracking vehicle inventory, service work orders, managing HR and financials. With the Infoveave, you can gain accurate access to information and achieve higher performance.

Powerful analytics

With Infoveave, you can analyse simple to complex scenarios, correlate data from multiple data source types, allows users to access disparate datasets and create harmonized visualizations. Business data can be easily tapped into for deep dive analysis, multi dimensional analysis, statistical analysis and machine learning

Collaborate better

Embed visualisations on your website, Share information on social media or simply through email. Annotate and add comments and send to specific audiences. Collaborate in near real time to take actionable business decisions.

Enable automation by connecting to real-time data

Infoveave can be configured to sync with connected assets and sensors and IOT devices capable of measuring, recording and transmitting data in real time. This allows for real time monitoring and assessment.

Ready in a few clicks

Smart combination of short setup times, quick connect to multiple structured and unstuctured datasources, and a easy to use user interface allows for to decipher complex data and convert them into actionable insights just a few clicks.

Accessible anywhere

Harness the power of Infoveave on the cloud or on premise. Wherever your information may reside, Infoveave processes and presents business insights on demand, securely.

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Total operating expenses
Total revenue by car
Cost of goods sold
Direct operating expenses
Employee cost
General and administration expenses
Selling and distribution expenses
Total sales and service revenue
Cost of cars
Cost of accessories
Total discounts
Handling charges
Total annual maintenance charges