Embedded Analytics

Stay in your app, get live insights

Each day, businesses produce around a quintillion bytes of data. Embed your stories and visuals into your website or business application to redefine your business with Infoveave® .

Embedded analytics
Live Wallboards

Integrate analytics into business apps

With embedded analytics display your data on a smart TV on your office wall or on the shop floor. Infoveave® uses industry standard oEmbed specification that allows you to embed your Infoboards and widgets into content portals that refresh automatically when data changes.

Experience analytics differently

Analyze fresh possibilities that make analytics unique. Discover a new set of analytical and reporting capabilities to create distinctive experiences. Infoveave® embedded analytics allows you to easily integrate data and insights directly into your existing business processes and systems, providing a seamless experience for your employees and customers

Key Benefits

Infoveave® wallboards: your advantages

Live Data Insights

Get a behind-the-scenes view on how your business is keeping up with productivity.

Embed dashboard

Get interactive and attractive dashboards integrated into your business application.

Real-time Alerts

Set up live notifications to inform your team anytime the company passes crucial benchmarks.

Build dynamic business embedded dashboards and pipeline data

Benefits to businesses

Designed to address all data in all sizes and forms, we help businesses address everything from the smallest of challenges to the most complex scenarios.

Increased Productivity
Improved management
Increased Revenue
Automated Reporting
Improved targeting
Mitigating Risk

Project your real-time business activities on wide screens


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