Give stakeholders a new perspective to learn how your business is performing by choosing from over 50+ visualisations. Each visualization is highly customisable to suit the information the data is trying highlight. Called as widgets, these can be combined to tell powerful stories on an Infoboard.


Use Infoboards to bring all your data visualisations together to tell your story. You can share your live and interactive Infoboards with your community with the click of a button. Infoboards automatically refresh when new data is received, facilitating better engagement with the target audience.


Infoveave's Analytics Workbench gives you access to advanced, yet compact and easy to use tools. Perform What If, Statistical, Multi Dimensional, Classification and Regression analysis on your data to derive more insights from your data. Publish your analysis as visualizations on your Infoboards.


Infoveave has connectors to most commonly used databases and data service APIs. You can also load flat files both structured and unstructured using our custom file parsers. Integration to Google, Facebook and Twitter are out of the box enabling rapid access of your organisational data to Infoveave for analysis and reporting.


Infoveave makes reporting easy due to its integration with MS Office. Use your data and visualizations created on Infoveave and embed them in PowerPoint, Word or Excel based templates. Upload and schedule the templates for periodic and automated delivery to your stakeholders.


You can setup business alerts based on KPI thresholds. When these are breached or met Infoveave sends out notifications to the stake holders. Infoveave also sends out notifications when a user is `mentioned` while annotating a visualization. Use this powerful feature to effectively collaborate within your organisation.


Access Infoveave from smart devices like smart phones, tablets or smart TVs. The interactive UI enables ease of usage with the flexibility to connect to the platform from virtually anywhere and most importantly, with no impact on performance. You can configure your Infoboard display layouts for mobile & desktop from within Infoveave.


NGauge is Infoveave's Chatbot. Enable chat based access to your data , visualisations and reports by adding NGauge to your Skype and Slack channel as a contact. NGauge provides both menu driven as well natural language based access to your insights. A handy addition to your team.


Alexa Skill NGauge enables voice based access to your data on Infoveave. Link your Infoveave account to the NGauge Alexa skill and ask those all important queries of your business data. NGauge will be enabled soon for other channels such as Google Assist, Siri and Cortana. Your personal digital assistant.


Create custom maps using Topo JSON and Geo JSON and layer them over Leaflet or Mapbox OSM layers. You can save templates of your maps and use these for visualising your geographical data. Enhance using heatmaps, chloropeth , custom markers and much more.


You can schedule tasks and jobs from within Infoveave that define a workflow. Some of the supported tasks include FTP Task, Notification Task, SSIS Task and REST based API Tasks. API tasks include both external and internal APIs.You can chain tasks based on success and failure criteria and link them together to create Jobs.


Infoveave has undergone rapid evolution keeping in mind data security and administration. Data being managed through the platform is controlled by role and context-based access security. This allows for specific data to be shown to users with permissions without having to create silos of information.