Healthcare Analytics

The healthcare industry is besieged with multiple systems, addressing the needs of disparate audiences - clinical, financial and operational - which don’t communicate with one another. Disconnected data repositories and limited distribution of information result in IT support analysts manually aggregating data and programming complex queries on an ad hoc basis.

In order to achieve the best results, hospitals and other healthcare companies must focus on quick implementations, clear purpose, manageable scale and actionable metrics with future-ready with systems that can extrapolate large data sets into actionable data models for effective decision- making.

Infoveave™ seamlessly pulls in data from multiple systems to gain insights into patient acquisition or retention rates which in turn drives strategies on growth, inventory, productivity, patient care and more.

Powerful analytics

With Infoveave, you can analyse simple to complex scenarios, correlate data from multiple data source types, allows users to access disparate datasets and create harmonized visualizations. Business data can be easily tapped into for deep dive analysis, multi dimensional analysis, statistical analysis and machine learning

Collaborate better

Embed visualisations on your website, Share information on social media or simply through email. Annotate and add comments and send to specific audiences. Collaborate in near real time to take actionable business decisions.

Enable automation by connecting to real-time data

Infoveave can be configured to sync with connected assets and sensors and IOT devices capable of measuring, recording and transmitting data in real time. This allows for real time monitoring and assessment.

Ready in a few clicks

Smart combination of short setup times, quick connect to multiple structured and unstuctured datasources, and a easy to use user interface allows for to decipher complex data and convert them into actionable insights just a few clicks.

Accessible anywhere

Harness the power of Infoveave on the cloud or on premise. Wherever your information may reside, Infoveave processes and presents business insights on demand, securely.

View interactive infoboard

Revenue & Expense by doctor, department, speciality
Asset Utilization rate
Inventory turns & loss
Hospital Incidents
Patient Vs. Staff Ratio
Hospital acquired infections
Registration/admission error rate
ALOS / Bed Or Room Turnover
Patient Wait Time
Bed occupancy rate
Patient acquisition cost
Patient retention rates
Average Treatment Charges