HR Analytics

HR & Payroll functions are the backbone of any organization, irrespective of the industry. Organizations therefore need to strategize and optimize many critical factors like employee satisfaction, hiring preparedness, scalability, learning and development, employee transition, taxation, and cash flow.

Nowadays, attrition is a major concern for many organizations. It is important for HR to figure the impact of variations in attrition rates and how it affects business. Many parameters like employee experience, skillset or even the criticality of the project he/she is involved come into play. With only these three parameters, HR can arrive at six different possibilities for employee attrition. However, the complexity of HR functions increases with more variables; imagine the time and effort needed to analyze attrition trends! When extended to all HR functions, the figures can be truly mindboggling.

Powerful analytics

With Infoveave, you can analyse simple to complex scenarios, correlate data from multiple data source types, allows users to access disparate datasets and create harmonized visualizations. Business data can be easily tapped into for deep dive analysis, multi dimensional analysis, statistical analysis and machine learning

Collaborate better

Embed visualisations on your website, Share information on social media or simply through email. Annotate and add comments and send to specific audiences. Collaborate in near real time to take actionable business decisions.

Enable automation by connecting to real-time data

Infoveave can be configured to sync with connected assets and sensors and IOT devices capable of measuring, recording and transmitting data in real time. This allows for real time monitoring and assessment.

Ready in a few clicks

Smart combination of short setup times, quick connect to multiple structured and unstuctured datasources, and a easy to use user interface allows for to decipher complex data and convert them into actionable insights just a few clicks.

Accessible anywhere

Harness the power of Infoveave on the cloud or on premise. Wherever your information may reside, Infoveave processes and presents business insights on demand, securely.

View interactive infoboard

Total payroll to gross revenue
Cost per payroll per 100 employees
Cycle time to process payroll
Percentage of manual payroll payments
Percentage of overpayment of salaries and expenses
Administration cost per employee
Total headcount trend
Total hires per month
Number of payroll payment errors
Total number of leaves taken
Balance leaves for each employee
Staff attrition rate