Infoveave spans across industries and business functions


Infoveave is cross functional and industry agnostic making it readily available for all organisations. It can be configured to meet most data driven decision making scenarios. Designed to address data in all sizes and forms, Infoveave helps businesses address the smallest of challenges to the most complex scenarios that need machine learning and AI to maximise ROI.


Retail and e-commerce

Increase revenue by optimizing catalogues, sell through percentages, YoY growth, best sellers, footfall count and profit per customer visit.




Increase overall operational efficiency by reducing overheads, compare R&D spends versus actual revenues, analyze supply chain data.



Health care

Aggregate data across HIS, EMRs, LIS, Billing & other disparate systems to get a single version of the truth and improve healthcare delivery.




Identify patterns of learnability and behaviour of learners to help improve instructor training, interventions and curriculum offerings.



Human Resources

Analyze hiring and attrition trends, enhance the way employees are contributing to Productivity, Performance and Profitability.



Dealer Management

Analyze and optimize your distribution network. Perform pricing simulations, Track costs and revenues across locations.