Industries Infoveave can be used – Part I

Industries Infoveave can be used – Part I

September 24, 2021

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence have become central to the success of an organization. The amount of data churned out by companies today requires some sort of aggregator or dashboarding tool to monitor the data. Operational data such as daily tasks, OEE, and other such activities need to be monitored daily. Sometimes, these activities need to be monitored on a per shift basis. Therefore, the need for a data analytics and business intelligence platform is of tantamount importance. 


As well documented, Infoveave is a sector-agnostic platform I.e., it can be deployed across sectors. The product is also highly customizable and can be used for several activities in addition to business intelligence. That said, here are four industries in that Infoveave can be used.  


At the moment, Healthcare and health-tech are the biggest industries in terms of market size. The healthcare space is also among the fastest-growing industries in the world. From patient data to medical history, hundreds and thousands of pages of data are churned out. In addition, doctor data and patient treatment data are also something that needs to be taken into account.  

At times, this data isn’t readily available and improperly documented. In these cases, a product such as Infoveave can be used to create reports and dashboards to help doctors, patients, and other stakeholders monitor data at various levels. For instance, a doctor, with a few clicks can pull out a dashboard of his patients with their exact and up-to-date medical history. In addition, a patient can also pull out his or her treatment history data for additional prescription medication, and so forth.  

Thus, the need for a database and analytics tool in the Healthcare space is crucial. 

Retail & E-commerce 

Retail and E-commerce businesses process hundreds and thousands of transactions daily. Especially for products that are essential for day-to-day use. While processing several transactions is a sign of a thriving business, managing and monitoring the payment amount, payee, invoice, etc., is of utmost importance. And, there is also a possibility of automation for these tasks that would usually be performed by an accountant.  

Infoveave’s dashboarding and Nguage form solutions help businesses and customers keep a track of transactional data in addition to the existing inventory. The product also helps omnichannel retailers get a snapshot of their storefront as well as their E-commerce site. Forrester’s recent report shows that businesses that managed their data better increased their sales by 42%.  

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Floor managers and Plant manufacturing managers are always in a quest to increase their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). A higher OEE value would mean higher productivity and a reduction in time losses during a production shift. Using Infoveave would help a floor manager to reduce human intervention while managing to have an overview of the efficiency and productivity of the plant. 

By deploying Infoveave, senior executives have access to a dashboard that gives them a snapshot of the production intervals, rework, and rejected quantities. This would help them develop a strategy around their sales and marketing activities as well while being able to forecast the number of available parts that have come through inspection.  

Are you a manufacturing manager looking to improve your plant’s OEE? Read more on how Infoveave helped Stanley Black & Decker to increase OEE through Line Info Display. 


With several employees forced to work from home, the Utility industry has seen massive growth in the last few quarters. While electricity and gas have always been necessary for households, the need for high-speed internet and appliances have gone up multifold. Similar to health-tech, the Utility industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. 

Providing utilities to millions of people would churn out mountains of data. For each household, the number of units provided, homeowner information, invoice details, remittance advice, and several other pieces of data would be needed. Therefore, there is a need for a product such as Infoveave to monitor the data. Read more on we serviced one of the fastest-growing Australian utility companies. 

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