Infoveave provides dashboard for HIV patient level data visualization to enable quick and simple analysis

  1. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

ICAP Global Health was the initiative of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health to support HIV/AIDS Support all over the world. ICAP have their presence in more than 21 countries across 12000 sites. ICAP partners with governmental organizations, NGOs and MNCs to develop sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention & control, care, and treatment programs.

In order to populate the data warehouse with current patient-level data, ICAP created an existing patient-level database and collaborated with NASCOP and five PEPFAR implementing partners working in Kenya.

Contribution by Infoveave 

Infoveave partnered with ICAP to build the web-based HIV care and treatment dashboard using the Infoveave open-source version. The project aimed at creating a easy to use version of the software to access and compare patient-level data from the national database. Based on the data collected from the field combined with the existing dataset ICAP could create charts and tables to reflect the characteristics and results of patients receiving HIV care and treatment at facilities that have electronic patient-level data. Infoveave also provided the customization options for the widgets and the layout.  The dashboard projected the data in real-time based on the data collected and uploaded. Data interpretation with Infoveave was simple, for instance the graph widget showcased the difference in patient survival after the start of antiretroviral medication (ART) between men and women or to compare the percentage of patients receiving ART by location.

Key Points  

ICAP certified that the Infoveave open source version was reliable and user-friendly in their article on the subject that was published by Columbia University. ICAP examined the open source version of Infoveave and discovered that the front-end interface was excellent for visualizing information. They also believe that the tool has the potential to significantly improve the use of routinely collected, electronic patient-level data for HIV program monitoring, evaluation, and operations research. It could enable users to gain a more thorough understanding of HIV service delivery by creating custom data reports that are tailored to their particular needs.

Courtesy: ICAP Global Health

Read the full report.

About Infoveave 

Infoveave® provides insights to stakeholders by transforming data into visual and actionable information. Users of Infoveave® can

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