last mile data collection

Simplifying your data collection

Easily collect the last mile data and get instant insights as the data comes in.

Infoveave® NGauge’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy to set up and configure data collection, even if you have limited technical expertise or resources. Personalize the form fields according to your business needs and generate custom reports.

Infoveave NGauge
NGauge forms

Embed customized NGauge forms

Easily create professional, custom forms that are fully customizable and tailored to your specific needs. Connect NGauge forms to your business apps to easily collect, analyze, track and update real-time data. Seamlessly integrate data collection into your existing business processes to provide a smooth and seamless experience for your users. Add logos, branding and other visual elements to make your forms look and feel like an integral part of your business.

Convert your excel-based workflow to an online one


Smarter data for accurate decisions

Trigger Jobs execution

Tigger the related jobs directly from the NGauge forms & reduce complexity.

In-depth modification

View & update data from the very microscopic level and improve quality.

Calculated columns

Keep calculated fields up to date as new data is received through automation.

Field validation

Automate data validation as new data is added or updated in the NGauge form.

deletion Control

Give ability to delete individual column fields based on user job role.

Streamline Data

Capture data with the controlled data input & get it transferred to the master data.

Role based permissions

Set up various role-based permissions to manage and regulate data acquisition.

Relationship Mapping

Build relationships with master data and get the data mapped based on the hierarchy.

Individual Field Edit

Make changes to individual data entries and have the modified rows update automated.

Reporting & Analytics

Build actionable insights and reports and get them displayed on the wallboards.

Together, build forms and analyze data

Learn how the top organizations used customized NGuage forms to gather, update and analyze data to fit their business needs.

Master data management (mdm)

Effectively manage your master data

Use NGuage forms to implement master data management (MDM) in your company to get a reliable, up-to-date picture of the data for better reporting, decision-making and process effectiveness.

Increase effectiveness

Boot your business effectiveness with a centralized master data by zero chance of data duplications.

Economize resources

Save your time and resources with fully automated and well maintained master data management.

Establish Hierarchies

Create multiple master datasource and link them together in a hierarchy, as needed, using NGauge forms.

Strengthen business agility

Manage, streamline & analyze larger volumes of data more efficiently and effortlessly for quick analysis.

Enhance data Optimization

Improve the data quality with accurate, and consistent data across all systems and applications.

Inspect & Monitor Data Inputs

Track and monitor your system or process performance effectively with continuous data monitoring.

Use last-mile data to help your business grow.