Education Analytics

Analytics in Education can play a vital role in improving the learning effectiveness for school, universities and L&D service organizations. If an organization provides soft skills training for students, parameters that need to be tracked would be the time each student has spent. The organization would probably have to dedicate a few resources to monitor this parameter.

Higher Course Effectiveness The learning needs of students can be streamlined and course effectiveness enhanced by analyzing data from the Infoveave™ platform. All the reports can be imported into visually rich templates that can be shared with students and faculty. Also, various other parameters to monitor course effectiveness, student progress, and instructor engagement can be configured with the option to send alerts if there are variances with the baselines defined.

Track student and faculty performance With high quality reports, you can access specific details by slicing and dicing the reports to view the time spent by individual students or batch, student to faculty ratio, faculty performance generate report cards and share assessment.

Powerful Analytics

With the Infoveave, you can analyse simple to complex scenarios, correlate data from multiple data source types, allows users to access disparate datasets and create harmonized visualizations. Business data can be easily tapped into for deep dive analysis, multi dimensional analysis, statistical analysis and machine learning

Collaborate Better

Embed visualisations on your website, Share information on social media or simply through email. Annotate and add comments and send to specific audiences. Collaborate in near real time to take actionable business decisions.

Enable automation by connecting to real-time data

Infoveave can be configured to sync with connected assets and sensors and IOT devices capable of measuring, recording and transmitting data in real time. This allows for real time monitoring and assessment.

Ready in a few clicks

Smart combination of short setup times, quick connect to multiple structured and unstuctured datasources, and a easy to use user interface allows for to decipher complex data and convert them into actionable insights just a few clicks.

Available Anywhere

Harness the power of Infoveave on the cloud or on premise. Wherever your information may reside, Infoveave processes and presents business insights on demand, securely.


Number of students enrolled for a course
Individual learning performance for a course
Aggregated learning performance for a course/class
Total LMS logins
Average time spent on LMS
Pending evaluations in percentage
Percentage of student issues resolved on time
Average turnaround time to resolve student issues
Pending issues