Market Research visualization dashboard

Market Research visualization dashboard

December 28, 2020
A market research interactive dashboard is an efficient way presenting market research studies. And share information as reports, charts or infographics to stakeholders or clients. The use of dashboards in market research is a big asset agencies and companies can take advantage of.

Plenty of questions, survey, and data collected from disparate sources. Both online as well as offline makes it difficult to manage. Complexity increases with error prone data entry at levels. Taking it longer to organize, study, analyze and present as reports or slides. A data analytics tool supporting powerful visualizations should support the need.

Interactive Dashboard for Market Research

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Importance of interactive dashboard

Interactive dashboards are trending in market research. Market research dashboards provide a simplified summary of data. The main aim is to make it easy for the user to understand important result areas. Depending on the type of study and needs of the client, the dashboard is complex or simple.

With a market research interactive dashboard one can work with data at ease. It allows users to track major research KPIs with a click of button. To name a few of the Market research KPIs are:

  • brand awareness,
  • product satisfaction,
  • product pricing,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • customer feedback
  • market forecasting.
  • Infoveave being a data analytics platform supported its client with the need. Infoveave datasources ingest data disparate sources, into the data dictionary. This helps collection of data in one place. With feature -rich visualizations, be it charts graphs and infographics. Infoboards support the need of interactive dashboards.

    Market research conduction is very niche and topic-specific. A market research dashboard allows its end users ease to track and analyze the study. Be it a complex or simple study, the goal is to give better visibility and ease to understand the stats. Every dashboard meets the customers expectation and requirements. The flexibility of Infoveave lies in the fact that it in Industry agnostic and can fit in with ease. Customized reports module will generate reports and metrics. These reports are share with stakeholders at varied hierarchies.

    Real time data monitoring with Interactive dashboard

    • Streamline incoming data – by integration of data from disparate sources. This eases study and analysis to perform better decision making.
    • Interactive dashboards – with real time monitoring and up-to-date data.
    • Improved visibility – to stakeholders at varied levels of organization hierarchy.
    • Better reporting – with minimal manual intervention and data errors. This also gave visibility to hidden data or errors caused due to it.


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    Market Research Dashboards KPIs

    • Brand awareness
    • Product satisfaction
    • Product pricing
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer feedback
    • Market forecasting

    Infoveave features used

    • Multiple Disparate Datasources
    • Advance Visualizations
    • Dashboard and Reporting
    • Custom Reports

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