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Noesys Software Pvt. Ltd. takes up a new office

The management of Noesys Software Pvt. Ltd. would soon leave its current location in JP Nagar 4th Phase and relocate to a new office nearby.

Since the very inception of the business, Noesys Software Pvt. Ltd. has named JP Nagar 4th Phase its home. It will relocate a few blocks down the road to a new office in a brand-new building in JP Nagar 3rd Phase on September 5, 2022.

The management referred to the relocation to a new office as a rightsizing to support their BI tool Infoveave®.  They strongly believe that would put the business in a better space. that was larger than the existing office building.

“We can now double our efforts and resources to focus on the primary objective, of delivering improved Insights to businesses,” the management commented.

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About Infoveave® 

Infoveave® provides insights to stakeholders by transforming data into visual and actionable information. Users of Infoveave® can

  • Load data sources using an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Create visual mashups from an array of interactive data visualization options.
  • Perform analysis and correlations across many data sources.
  • Carry out Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis, MTD, YTD Trends Analysis.
  • Track Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness, Risk & Compliance.
  • Simulate What-if scenarios, Forecast and Predict trends on large datasets.
  • Build historical data, discover patterns and gather deeper insights on demand.
  • Share and collaborate with stakeholders and customers for quick action.

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