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Noesys received recognition for offering the best data intelligence platform.

  1. Use-case: data intelligence platform

The 10000 Start Ups, a NASSCOM incubator hub program, presented NIPP GCC FinTech Award-2022, to Noesys Software Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of “Infoveave,” the data automation and decision intelligence platform. Noesys Software Pvt. Ltd. won the award for the best startup on Data Intelligence Platform – Use Case.  

In the 2022 FinTech Challenge by 10000 Strat-Ups, the use was cases nominated in six different areas include the following:

  • Data extraction and analytics from PDF documents 
  • Integrated personal financial services platform 
  • Omnichannel customer engagement 
  • Data intelligence platform
  • Predictive analytics for customer retention 
  • Employee onboarding 

About Infoveave® 

Infoveave® provides insights to stakeholders by transforming data into visual and actionable information. Users of Infoveave® can

  • Load data sources using an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Create visual mashups from an array of interactive data visualisation options
  • Perform analysis and correlations across many data sources
  • Carry out Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis, MTD, YTD Trends Analysis
  • Track Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness Risk & Compliance
  • Simulate What-if scenarios, Forecast and Predict trends on large datasets
  • Build historical data, discover patterns and gather deeper insights on demand
  • Share and collaborate with stakeholders and customers for quick action.

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