Posted by: Infoveave Team
Date: 10 March 2023

An equipment challenge of any degree results in manufacturing downtime. Even a minor blockage in the equipment ends up hampering the manufacturing efficiency. And there is no guarantee that similar problems won’t occur again. So, how do businesses overcome these manufacturing hurdles?

For years, manufacturers strived to improve their OEE efficiency with manual approaches. And this took a lot of company time and effort. However, all that was set to change with the arrival of Industry4.0 technologies such as AI, ML and IIoT. Operators can now track the health and performance of machinery with

Operators can schedule equipment maintenance to avoid repeated instances of unplanned downtime. Platforms like Infoveave provide greater transparency into the shop floor processes. Plant managers can now oversee the daily operations with greater agility and ease. After all, improving the OEE efficiency is more than increasing profits. It is also minimizing waste.

Cloud-based OEE intelligence makes it easier to track KPIs and improve equipment performance. Operators can log in new data to update existing information via last mile data collection tools. Additionally, they can also use sensors to collect information in real-time. Managers can view equipment productivity in real-time with OEE dashboards. They can view data based on a single equipment, assembly lines or of the whole production unit. Making a production facility digital native is critical to maximizing OEE efficiency. With smart manufacturing, you can automate the collection, gleaning, and analysis of data. You can use statistical data and insights to understand the root cause of failures. Plant managers can also leverage the data for effective planning and scheduling of operations.

The approach to maximizing OEE efficiency is not a one-stop solution. Instead, it involves a detailed orientation of every facet of your manufacturing unit. Identifying pitfalls and improving efficiency at every step is crucial for manufacturing success

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