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Disease surveillance and analysis program

Healthcare organizations are running various disease monitoring programs worldwide to check the spread of diseases. Surveillance analysis program helps in tracking the spread across varied geographies.


Thus, restricting diseases like cholera, yellow fever, from outburst. The aim of this program is to both track and control the spread of a disease before it becomes an epidemic. To do so an easy access to patient-level data collected across health facilities is a mandate.


As it enables to make better informed decisions. And how best to channel human and material resources. Which in return will improve health services and patient outcomes throughout.


But the lack of a centralized system is the hindrance. All the implementing partners can ingest patient-level data into this system. This data is available at every health facilities of respective regions or provinces. A web-based application system can aid to the requirements.

Why a surveillance analysis program?

With daily increasing data sets for healthcare programs. Data management and reporting becomes cumbersome. The need for simple approaches for organizing, analyzing of data was crucial. With lots of data it becomes even difficult to create charts and graphs.


A full understanding of the state of disease and its severity becomes tedious. With no clear snapshot of the current trend finalizing on a countermeasure is of no help.


A warehouse visualization tool could support the needs. With simple yet efficient data analyzing solution. Enables filtering of required data for better decision making. And a live dashboard showing the full picture. a solution could do. This helps in better understanding of the nuances within the data has grown. Data automation and a simple visualization dashboard should support client’s requirements.

Disease surveillance and analysis using Infoveave

Infoveave is a low code, user friendly tool combines various modules to get the job done. Infoveave datasources ingests data from disparate data points.  Followed by data organizing, analysis and visualization of large datasets.


Using Filters, one can slice required data out for further study. Customized dashboards make tracking of specifics easier. With feature rich UI to the ability to drill down actual data highlighting anomalies. Infoveave creates an opportunity for end-users to manage their own analytics needs.


Data security algorithms helps protect critical healthcare data. With shared dashboard and reports feature, one can share specific data. The admin monitors and enables security as per designated hierarchies. Infoveave can adapt to any volume of data. Be it a unit wide, or an organization spread across geographies.

Efficient control measures gained from surveillance analysis

  • Streamline incoming data – by integration of data from disparate sources. This eases study and analysis to perform better decision making.
  • Digitizing labs – Helps in easy accessibility to lab results for patients. Thus, making up-to-date data accessible to stakeholders.
  • Improved visibility – across varied geographies. With case specific dashboards and real time monitoring all in one place gives a centralized view.
  • Customized alerts – using choropleth maps, charts and graphs, assist in real time monitoring of disease spread possible.






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The need for surveillance analysis program

  • Manage and process large volumes of patient data from different sources.
  • Cumbersome t process and visualize daily data.
  • Ability to slice out the required data for further studies.
  • Ease to use and simple visualizations providing better understanding of data.
  • Extensible to allow integration with other organizational portals and services

Infoveave features used

  • Multiple Disparate Datasources
  • Advance Visualizations
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Custom Reports

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