Conversational Analytics

Discovering insights in a language you speak

Unifying visuals and language for tailoring better data-driven products and services.

Infoveave® NGauge chatbot enables seamless communication and access to real-time, accurate answers through popular channels like Skype, Slack, and WebChat. We empowers businesses to extract valuable insights from customer conversations.

38 %

Increased Productivity

98 %

Secure Access

2 Sec

Average Response Time

Access voice-activated

Link the NGauge Alexa skill to your Infoveave account, to enable and interact with your voice dashboards via Alexa. Infoveave® conversational analytics uses natural language processing to respond to your queries or actions and voice enables them through Alexa.

Bridging analytics with natural language 

Infoveave® is a powerful analytics platform that utilizes natural language processing (NLP). We empower businesses with the insight they need to make informed decisions. With Infoveave, you can easily analyze and understand complex data sets using simple & intuitive language.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Natural Language Generation (NLG)
Voice & speech recognition
Active Conversation Mode
Visual Insights generation

data-driven decision making

Communicate with Infoveave® bots to get timely responses, visual analytics and narrative insights. Our conversational analytics can help you improve your business understanding and make quick informed decisions.

Run Commands

Empower businesses by enabling voice-initiated actions and providing simplified access to data.

Make Decisions

Bypass frequent system logins with voice commands for faster insights and quicker decisions.

Access anywhere

Stay updated with live reports and dashboards from anywhere, anytime over a chat.

Get Reports

Effortlessly download reports in various formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, CSV) to gain insight into data.

Thread your conversation into insights

Structuring your voice-activated analytics

Access real-time insights through natural language processing queries on Infoveave®. This opens up numerous possibilities for using your data to create useful and engaging applications. Make your data available to your customers to help them get the answers they need with conversational analytics.

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Build Datasource

Create file based datasource using your organizational data.

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Configure Datasource

Define measures & dimensions as you would expect them to be queried.

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Configure Agents

Configure NGauge agent with synonyms for the measure and dimensions.

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Install NGauge Skill

Download Alexa, install NGauge Skill & link with Infoveave® platform.

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Invoke NGauge Skill

Invoke NGauge Skill by calling Alexa, "ask NGauge what is my sales?"

Harness your natural language for limitless insights.