Nortak signed a partnership agreement with Noesys Software for the Infoveave Visual Analytics Studio.

Nortak Software Ltd. is a Canadian based private frim with and operations in Toronto and Ottawa. They have major clients in the public and private sectors, to whom they offer cutting-edge software solutions as well as IM/IT resources to help them with their informatics and digital assets.

Joint Venture Key Points 

Noesys Software Pvt. Ltd. and Nortak Software have just finalised a new agreement in respect to Infoveave- Business Intelligence and Dashboard & Reporting solution. According to the agreement, Nortak will market Infoveave as the primary business-intelligent platform for the governments of Ontario and Canada.

Courtesy: Nortak Software/News

About Infoveave 

Infoveave® provides insights to stakeholders by transforming data into visual and actionable information. Users of Infoveave® can

  • Load data sources using an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Create visual mashups from an array of interactive data visualisation options
  • Perform analysis and correlations across many data sources
  • Carry out Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis, MTD, YTD Trends Analysis
  • Track Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness Risk & Compliance
  • Simulate What-if scenarios, Forecast and Predict trends on large datasets
  • Build historical data, discover patterns and gather deeper insights on demand
  • Share and collaborate with stakeholders and customers for quick action.

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