Infoveave® Case Studies

Success Stories

RPA-Billing Efficiency

Improving billing efficiency by weeding out unoccupied accounts and disconnecting supply where the customer information cannot be verified.

RPA deployment in account payables

Account payable is a highly automatable process using RPA since it relies on repeated operations such as data extraction, invoice validation, and payment processing.

RPA deployment in account Remittance

The remittance, quite simply, is the transfer of money by a customer for a certain product or a service user.


OEE Dashboard is a production visibility tool that displays real-time data. This provides review and status summary information for plant lines and units.

competitive pricing intelligence

Product pricing is a critical function for the automotive industry. With fierce competition and customers’ options, pricing intelligence is the key to profits.

Automotive dealership

The automobile manufacturer aims to achieve a good review across its dealers to maintain consistent and high-quality customer experience across all its dealerships.

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